iOS Developer

A little about me

I am a long time, well-rounded, IT worker branching into the mobile software development. I enjoy tinkering with code and technology.


Mobile Development

I am currently performing freelance development of iOS apps for companies like Aerial Systems. I also have my own company, AlphaGrade Inc, in which I create new apps for deployment to the Apple Store.

IT Consulting

I have worked in the IT industry for over 15 years particuarly in Helpdesk. I have served as level I, II, and III technicians troubleshooting issues and presenting long term solutions to company needs.

Recent Projects


SpeedyAdd is a WatchOS app that gives Apple Watch users the ability to add contacts to their phone using their watch. With SpeedyAdd, adding new names and phone numbers will be as simple as raising your wrist. It's quick, Easy and allows you to add new contacts when you're away from your iPhone.

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Free Chess

Have you ever played a game with Ads? It's annoying. Free Chess game free of ads. Made in SpriteKit and uses Firebase for Chat purposes. Projected to release in December of 2020.

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Indianapolis, Indiana


+1 708.674.4152